On behalf of Kent Youth and Family Services Board of Directors President, David Huhs, KYFS staff and volunteers and most importantly the children, youth and families who turn to KYFS for assistance, “thank you” to each of you who supported KYFS throughout 2016.

Throughout the year the KYFS Management Team, program staff and board of directors undertook a Strategic Planning process. This plan, still in draft form at the end of 2016, will revise the KYFS Mission Statement, clearly delimitate KYFS’s Values and provide a Vision statement. In addition the KFYS Strategic Plan sets out a three to four year strategic course for each program, behavioral health, early childhood education, transitional housing and after school youth development, in addition to KYFS administration, fund development, volunteer capacity, and governance. Look for the Strategic Plan appearing in KYFS social media early in 2017.

Working together in coordination, collaboration and partnerships is a long standing value and fabric of KYFS. During 2016…

  • KYFS participated extensively in a diverse coalition of established and emerging organizations of Kent/Covington and Kent School District area community that developed the Kent/Covington Best Starts for Kids local plan. Some 35 entities participated in nearly a six month planning effort representing the Kent area response to King County’s Best Starts for Kids. The Kent area “BSK” plan was developed and agreed to by the large group of participants prior to King County staff completing the Best Starts for Kids Implementation Plan designed to guide the County-wide BSK implementation. Remarkably the BSK Kent area plan closely mirrors the eventually adopted King County BSK Implementation Plan.
  • The Kent/Covington area coalition has further committed to working with each other to implement BSK locally through collaboration without duplication of efforts.
  • KYFS continued supporting as fiscal agent developed of the annual work plan and contract oversight with Public Health Seattle King County for Living WellKent.
  • KYFS partnered with the YMCA bringing the “Y” into the AfterSchool Program at Birch Creek, Valli Kee and Cascade communities. Doing so significantly enhances the AfterSchool Program in the areas of academic support and outcomes, social skills building, activities and events for the child and youth participants and staff capacity. Doing so also represent s the first Kent base programming the Y is supporting in advance of the much anticipated YMCA facility coming to Kent in the next few years.
  • KYFS’s Behavioral Health Program partnered with Maple Valley Community Center to site a behavioral health therapist at MVCC.
  • Long aware of the unmet need for youth behavioral health treatment capacity in Maple Valley, this collaborative effort is a first step in beginning to meet that need.
  • KYFS Early Childhood Education Program launched a coordinated effort with Kent School District that had KYFS Early Childhood Education staff responsible for all early childhood education applications and enrollment in both KSD and KYFS early childhood classrooms beginning in the 2016-2017 school year.
  • KYFS partnered with Southwest Youth and Family Service s and Renton Area Youth Services in joint fundraising efforts, a unique approach virtually unheard of in the non-profit sector. KYFS, SWYFS, and RAYS each hosted a “Jeffersonian Dinner” event that gathered donors from each agency together for a dinner and evening program/discussion on specific topics of interest: SWYFS topic LBGTQ youth; RAYS topic Youth and Family Homelessness; KYFS topic, Immigrant and Refugee children and youth. In addition to providing stimulating evening conversation donations made at these three fundraising events were evenly split among the three agencies.

These are a small sampling of the partnerships, collaboration and coordination of effortsKYFS fostered and participated in 2016.

In addition to partnering and collaborating within this 2016 annual report you will find the various highlights for each of the KYFS programs. KYFS continues to position itself for the many years to come. The vision at KYFS is squarely on the future with its expected challenges and continuing evolving needs of the communities KYFS calls “home,” South King County.

Michael Heinisch,

Executive Director



Through our Incredible Years Program, we provide 4 trained facilitators for parenting groups.

Infant Mental Health is comprised of 3 full-time therapists.

Mental Health provides 12 counselors and 6 interns working with youth and their families.

Facilitate counseling sessions at KYFS, schools within the Kent School District and Covington City Hall.

7 counselors provide services to youth ages 10-21.

Provides on-school counselors, court diversion, and outpatient programs.

Own and operate a 10 unit apartment building, 2 on-site mangers, program director and leverage services

8 After School staff, 10 part time City Year/AmeriCorps members, as well as 3 part time Work First and Community Jobs volunteers

In a partnership with King County Housing Authority, run and operate 3 on-site community centers

Provide technology labs at each site

Provide early childhood education from September to June of every year

Program staff provide dental, medical and immunization screenings

2 healthy meals per day

4 parent-teacher conferences throughout the year


To provide one student, resident or client and their families with services, the following investment is required…

One Year of Services


One Month of Services


One Week of Services


One Year of Services


One Month of Services


One Week of Services


One Year of Services


One Month of Services


One Week of Services


One Year of Services


One Month of Services


One Week of Services


When our donors make these kind of investments, the following success can happen.




Josh Gerstman & Heather Cutting

Theresa Ahern & John Greaney

Steven Holmes & Kerry Robinson

Edward Lesnick & Lesley Hogan

Brandy Reed & Paul Paulson

Kelvin Phillips & Sara Franklin

Anil & Annie Abraham

Joseph & Grace Adriano

Sadikifu Akina

James John

Ancheta Dolores & Steve Ashmore

Cindi Bentz

Jim & Suzanne Berrios

Hira Singh Bhullar

Cecil & Cynthia Boyd

Jonathan & Bobbe Bridge

Patrick Briggs

Melissa Briscoe

Kory & Roberta Brooks

Richard Brooks

Agda & Tom Burchard

Tom & Patsy Byrne

Michael Campbell DDS

Carol Chadwick

Donald Chamberlain

Susanna Cioch

Pamela Clark

Peg Coleman

Cindy Comeau

Zam Congh

Alexandrea Conn

Dawn Cook

Suzette Cooke

Katherine Cooper

Robin Corak

Kam Dal

Steve Daschle

Rikka Dayao

David De la Fuente

David & Sabrina De laFuente

Jay Dohrmann

Joshua Eidson

Leslie Eskridge

Liz Farmer

Russ & Brenda Farwell

Brenda Fincher

Tom & Vicki Foege

Paula Frederick

Jessica Gilmore

Michael & Anne Gintz

Francisco & Maria Gonzalez

Judy Graf

Russ & Allyson Gregersen

Lori Guilfoyle

Kelly Hadsell

Greg & Debbie Haffner

Sherry Hamilton

Daniel Hammes

Peg Hammock

Russ & Jennifer Hanscom

Merina & Kurt Hanson

Bruce Hayashi

Randy Heath

Mike & Gail Heinisch

Janice Helgeson

John Hendron

Dennis & Karyn Higgins

Susan Hoover

Steven Huff

David & Kayla Huhs

Roy & Maryann Huhs

Monne & Mike Ironside

William Jackson

Allyson Johnson

Lynn & Mary Johnson

Maureen & Andrew Johnson

Zachary Jones

Kermit & Holly Jorgensen

Grant Kagawa

Senator Karen Keiser

Kristin Kettle

Karen King

Lorena King

PalmerDee Klem

Nancy Koehler

Jeff Loa

Mary & Brooks Loop

Marlo & Stacy Love

Brian Mann

Linda & Larry Martinez

Derek Matheson

Mike & Sandra Mathews

Cyoon McBride

Steven & Debra Meyers

Marlla & Darren Mhoon

David Mitchell

David & Karen Moerdyk

Grace Morgan

Bettie Moyer

Kate Moyer

Julia Murchard

Donald & Linda Myers

Delores Newlands

Bill & Carolyn Nirk

Jodi Novotny

Ken & Kaila Nsimbi

Thomas & Colleen O’Rourke

Representative Tina Orwall

Craig & Sharon Parrish

Patty & John Pedrini

Cathy Peterson

Laurie Peterson

Jim & Lana Phillips

Nathan Phillips

Rona Popp

Joe & Liisa Potts

Fergus & Jane Prestbye

Sally Reber

Norm & Karen Reed

Jessica Richmond

Sabrina Richter

Jim Sage

Byung & Mario Sanchez

Wade Schwartz

Ted & Mary Ann Schwarz

Dave & Libby Seidel

Billy & Julie Shott

Christi Sifri

Barbara Smith

John Sothern

Ken Thomas

Brett & Toni Trounter

Mike Trulson

Linh Van

Israel & KristaVela

Paige Walvoord

Andy & CathyWangstad

Sandra Westman

Tim Williams

Claire Wilson

Shirley Wise

Timothy Wood

Judy Woods

Jinja Yutzy

Advance Billing Systems

All Pro Building Maintenance

Amateur Athletic Union

American Baptist Women

American Colleges of Mixed Martial Arts

Amerigroup Corporation

Antioch University

Arthur J. Gallagher & Co.

Aven Foundation

Badgley Phelps

Banner Bank

BECU Neighborhood Financial Center

Better Properties NW

Big Brothers Big Sisters

Binford Metals, LLC

Blanc ‘n Schwartz

Boeing ECF

Bowen Scarff Ford Lincoln Mercury

Brantley Janson Yost & Ellison

Casey Family Programs

Cedar Heights Food Pantry

Central Avenue Mini Storage

CFD General Fund

Children’s Home Society

City of Covington

City of Federal Way

City of Kent

City of Seattle

ClearChannel Outdoor

Communities In Schools

Community Center For Educational Results

Cook Family Dentistry

Curran Law Firm


Fireside Hearth & Home

Freeman-Redick & Associates

Garneau-Nicon Family Foundation

Green River College Foundation

Grocery Outlet

Habit Burger Grill

Hilde Pfurtscheller Endowment Fund

Home Depot

HomeStreet Bank

King County Behavioral Health and Recovery Division

Kelley Imaging Systems

Kelly Ritson Designs

Kent Community Foundation

Kent Downtown Partnership

Kent Education Association

Kent Holy Spirit Church

Kent Lutheran Church

Kent Phoenix Academy

Kent Police Dept

Kent Reporter

Kent Rotary Club Foundation

Kent School District

Kent Station

King County Facilities Management

King County Housing Authority

King County’s Women, Infant and Children Program


Kiwanis Club of Covington

Kiwanis Club of Kent

Knowledge Point

Kroger / Fred Meyer


Maddock & Associates

Malarkey Roofing Products

Mama Stortini’s

McLendon Hardware Inc.

Medina Foundation

Michael Campbell DDS


Miller Hayashi Architects

Mockingbird Society

MOD Pizza

Molen Oral & Facial Surgery

Multi-Service Center

NAVOS Mental Health

Neighborhood House

Neil Walter Company

Nexus Youth & Families

Non Profit Insurance Program

Norcliffe Foundation

Northwest Linings

Order Point Global

Pacific Food Service Northwest

Pacific Northwest Engraving

Panera Bread Company

Panther Lake Community Church

PetroCard Inc

Pinnacle Printing Foundation

Plemmons Industries, Inc

Pro-Staff Mechanical Inc

Puget Sound Energy

Puget Sound Homes And Development LLC

Raikes Foundation

Reds Wine Bar

Renton Area Youth Services

Republic Services

REWA (Refugee Women’s Network)


Rotary Club of Kent

Rotary Club of Kent Sunrise

Safeco Insurance Foundation

School’s Out Washington


Seattle Foundation

Seattle Thunderbirds

Seattle Times

Seattle Times Fund for the Needy

Seattle University

Shannon & Associates

ShoWare Center

Monarch Companies / Signature Landscape Services

SKCAC Industries

Smile Partners

Soroptimist International Of Kent

South King County Human Resources Association

Southern Sudanese Community of Washington

St. James Thrift Shop

St. Vincent De Paul

Stoel Rives

Styron’s Photography

Sunrise Rotary Club

Sweet Themes Bakery

Thrive Program

Umpqua Bank

United Way of King County

Unity Church Of Kent

US Trust

Valley Cities CC

Walkley Foundation


Whistling Train Farm

Windermere Foundation

Youth Development Fund


Z Ultimate



Last year, 252 volunteers contributed 3,465 hours of service to Kent Youth and Family Services. These are a couple of their stories.




J. David Huhs, President
Partner Attorney, Curran Law Firm

Brandy Reed, 1nd Vice President
Ashley House Clinical Nursing Director 

Lesley Hogan, 2nd Vice President
Executive Director Human Resources, Renton Technical College

Rona Popp, Secretary
Kent School District, Student and Family Support Services
Director of Categorical Programs

Mike Mathews, Treasurer
Vice President/Branch Manager – Kent

Ken Thomas, Past President
Chief of Police, City of Kent Police Department


Anil Abraham (Past President)
Managing Member – Puget Sound Homes LLC

Jane Prestbye, Past President
Pastor: Kent Lutheran Church

Naomi Knoll
Kent Meridian High School Senior

Israel Vela, Past President

Kent School District Chief School Operations and Academic Support Officer

Vicki Foege
Homestreet Bank, Community Relations Director

Cynthia Boyd
Kent Station, Marketing Manager

Wade Schwartz
Blanc & Schwartz Salon, Proprietor

Hira Singh Bhullar
Starbucks Coffee Company, Senior Software Developer


Carl Hart (Twice – Past President)
Bell Anderson Agency Inc. (Retired)

Theresa Ahern (Past President)
Partner Attorney Curran Law Firm

Ed Crawford (Twice Past President)
Kent Police Department Chief (Retired)

Brenda Fincher (Past President)
Holy Spirit Catholic Church

Julia Patterson
Council Member 5th District
Metropolitan King County Council (Retired)

Margaret Whitney (Past President)
Human Resources Director, Kent School District (Retired)

Pat Sullivan
47th District Representative
Washington State Legislature


2016 Expenses

  • Clinical
  • Early Childhood Education
  • Community Based
  • Development
  • Administration
  • Donated Services
  • Depreciation

TOTAL $5,834,183

2016 Revenue and Support

  • Contributions - $482,322
  • Government Agencies
  • Program Fees
  • United Way
  • Donated Goods and Services
  • Other Revenue

TOTAL $5,966,948


Thanks to everyone who supported and continues to support us.